Oh hello! I'm Andy.

📸 Photo by my talented friend, photographer
📸 Photo by my talented friend, photographer Betsy King

I’m a content designer and writer, living and working in San Francisco.

I also co-host a podcast about pencils, and edit a zine about UX writing and poetry.

I’m a principal content designer at a little startup called Microsoft (perhaps you’ve heard of us) working on building Copilot for the Teams app.

In the past, I've worked at Cruise, Adobe and Facebook, solving language and information architecture problems on the web and in apps. (Check out my résumé if you want to read more)

In 2020, I published a book that I co-wrote with Michael Metts about UX writing called Writing is Designing: Words and the User Experience.

Find me online: 🐘  Mastodon 💻  LinkedIn

✏️ Pencils & analog tools:

📻 The Erasable Podcast → I've been co-hosting a show about pencils and stationery for 9 years now.

📙 Plumbago Magazine → I edit a lit zine where we create content about analog tools of creation.

🖥️ UX writing & content design:

📘 Writing is Designing → Learn more and get your own copy of my book about UX writing.

⚠️ 404 Magazine → Learn more and buy a copy of my UX writing/poetry zine.

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