Sometimes, I get to talk to people on their glowing rectangles from my glowing rectangle. Here are some recordings of my recent appearances.


Become a U Content Designer | Design Career Network

I chatted with my friend Andi Galpern and gave a short presentation about my career path and how I got from there to here.


5 things I wish I knew about managing | Tempo 2022

Here’s a talk I gave at Tempo, a conference about content design leadership, about things I’ve learned after becoming a people manager.


Content Design España

Michael and I got the chance to speak with our friend Mario Ferrer and a group of content designers and writers in Spain in September 2020.


Content Strategy Philly

Michael and I presented big ideas from our book for the fantastic folks of the Philadelphia content strategy meetup group back in June 2020.


UX Content Strategy Montreal

Our friend Katie Del Angel invited us to come speak about our book for the kind folks in Montreal and across Canada in May 2020.